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Dr Sodhi’s Health Care is one of the best IVF hospitals in Mohali and tricity, providing world-class infertility treatments at an affordable price. With the latest technologies and a team of highly experienced doctors, we have helped countless couples conceive children. Our mission is to provide quality healthcare services that are accessible to everyone.


Dr Sodhi's Health Care Multispecialty Hospital & IVF Centre has been operational since 2007, utilising the newest 'State of the Art' technologies for the treatment of infertile couples. One of the top IVF clinics in Mohali in the city. To handle all types of fertility concerns, our IVF department has a full team of skilled and experienced doctors, embryologists, and support workers. We have a number of patients who underwent infertility treatment with us after feeling hopeless at other IVF clinics. Together with your primary fertility doctor, we have assembled a cohesive support group of skilled nurses, psychologists, and other staff members who collaborate to address your medical, emotional, and monetary worries. Decide to get assistance from Dr. Sodhi's Healthcare Multispeciality Hospital and IVF Centre to help build your family.


In vitro fertilization

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