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Kamineni Fertility Centre is one of the most technologically advanced fertility clinics in India. Our team of qualified and experienced medical professionals is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care and service. Our success rates are among the highest in the country, thanks to our use of state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to keeping up with the latest developments in the field of fertility treatment.


The Kamineni Fertility Center is a reputable business that offers fertility services to couples who are having trouble getting pregnant. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable medical specialists is committed to assisting you in realising your desire to have children. Our dedication to utilising the most recent tools and methods has contributed to our success rates being among the highest in the nation. We also think it's important to arm our patients with as much knowledge as they can so they may choose their own treatments. We recognise that dealing with infertility can be challenging for couples, and we are here to support you at every turn.  


In-vitro Fertilization is the procedure of fertilisation that involves manually mixing an egg and a sperm sample in an embroyology lab after removing the eggs and sperm samples. In order to generate a successful pregnancy, the fertilised egg (zygote) is implanted in a uterus after undergoing embryo culture for 2–6 days. When a patient is diagnosed with fallopian tube issues or a low ovarian reserve, IVF is recommended. Moreover, it can help when there is a low sperm count. IVF techniques can differ from clinic to clinic, often depending on your individual circumstances. A typical IVF treatment may involve: Step 1. Suppressing natural monthly hormone cycle Step 2. Boosting the egg supply Step 3. Checking on progress Step 4. Collecting the eggs  


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