Life Care Hospital

Life Care Hospital is a fertility management hospital located in Jaysingpur, Maharashtra. We offer affordable treatments to needy patients. Established in 1968 by Dr. B. A. Shikhare, Life Care Hospital has become famous for its caring services.


Dr. B. A. Shikhare founded the fertility management treatment facility known as Life Care Hospital. The hospital immediately established a reputation for offering reasonable prices and high-quality care, and it still offers treatments to individuals who need them today. Life Care Hospital is dedicated to provide patients the highest quality care at a fair price.  


IVF: When a woman under the age of 35 engages in unprotected sexual activity for a year without becoming pregnant, the couple should consult an infertility expert. After six months of unprotected sexual activity, women over 35 should seek guidance. It is known that 84% of married women would become pregnant after a year, 92% after two years, and 93% after three years. It indicates that between 5 and 15 percent of married couples in a culture currently struggle with this issue.  

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Life Care Hospital