MED AGE Infertility Centre & Gynae Solutions

Med Age is the most advanced infertility centre in India, with a decade of experience helping couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. Our cutting-edge treatments and world-class facilities are complemented by our commitment to providing personalized care and support. With clinics in Srinagar and Jammu, Med Age offers complete infertility solutions for all patients.


MED AGE was started over a decade ago with the aim of helping infertile couples in our home state of Jammu and Kashmir to achieve their dreams. The organisation has grown by leaps and bounds, with every success step, and now offers complete infertility solutions. MED AGE has taken an advanced initiative to bring the modern care of Reproductive Medicine to our patients, coupled with natural clear atmosphere and lush green surroundings – making it a paradise on Earth for those seeking fertility treatments.  


IVF: Everything that happens outside the body is referred to as "in vitro," and when the egg and sperm are fertilised outside the body, this is referred to as "IN VITRO FERTILIZATION." Because the first in vitro fertilisation was performed in a test tube, the procedure is also referred to as "Test Tube Baby." The woman's fallopian tube is where the fertilised egg usually undergoes the fertilisation process before moving into the woman's uterus. Following that, it develops into the baby there in the uterus. When sperm and egg cannot normally reach the tube or go there from the tube to the uterus, or when the process of fertilisation cannot occur naturally for some other cause.  

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MED AGE Infertility Centre & Gynae Solutions