Merryland Women’s Hospital & IVF Center

Merryland Women’s Hospital is the leading fertility center in the region. The hospital offers a wide range of services, from IVF to prenatal care. Merryland Women’s Hospital has been curing patients for more than 5 years and is dedicated to providing quality healthcare for women.


The premier fertility centre in the area is Merryland Women's Hospital. The hospital has assisted couples with conception for more than five years. The hospital provides a wide range of services, such as gynaecology, IVF(IN VITRO FERTILIZATION)), IUI, fertility treatments, and prenatal care. Since Merryland Women's Hospital is the only all-female hospital in the region, we are able to give our patients loving care. Contact us today for more information.  


IVF: The term "test-tube baby" refers to the fertilisation procedure known as IVF, or in-vitro fertilisation. In this process, an embryo is created using male and female sperm and eggs. In a lab, the embryo is created and then inserted into the female body. This process often takes place in the human body's fallopian tube during spontaneous conception. The following steps are included in this procedure: stimulating the ovaries to produce oocytes; collecting the eggs from the ovaries; fertilising the eggs with the sperm in an IVF laboratory; culture and grading of the embryos; transfer of the embryo; and performing a pregnancy test 14 days after the embryo transfers.  

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Merryland Women’s Hospital & IVF Center