Rao Hospital

Rao Hospital is a market leader in the field of improving health care quality and safety. We have developed some of the best practices in the industry in the field of assisted reproductive medicine. Rao Hospital is well known for its most sought after training programs in the nation, providing a strong training ground for physicians, allied health professionals, and nurses.

  • 120, W Periasamy Rd, R.S. Puram
  • Established in : 1953
  • Founded by : Dr. Major Sudhakar Rao
  • Contact Number : +(91)-9629919191
  • Website URL : https://www.raohospital.com/
  • IVF Success Rate : 70%


One of the biggest fertility hospitals in India is Sudha Hospitals Chennai. Since it opened 25 years ago, our IVF centre has assisted countless couples in getting pregnant. Our staff is committed to offering our patients open communication and treatments that are supported by the latest research. We are devoted to supporting the development of families and the joys of motherhood.  


The process of in vitro fertilisation (IVF) includes fusing the sperm and egg cells together in a lab setting. The embryos are placed in the mother's womb following fertilisation, and the pregnancy develops to full term. It is carried out in situations of infertility brought on by endometriosis, cervical factor infertility, male factor infertility, immune system infertility, or infertility with unknown reasons. We have optimised each step of the IVF process to raise the likelihood of conception. using a variety of drugs to encourage the ovaries to release a lot of eggs. Vaginal ultrasonography is used to remove eggs from the ovaries. Under the influence of light anaesthetic, this is done. In culture, fertilisation is accomplished by fusing the sperm and egg.  

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Rao Hospital