The Srijjan Bhilai Test Tube Baby Center

The Srijjan Test Tube Baby Center is Bhilai’s leading fertility treatment center, equipped with the latest IMSI technique and comprehensive infertility solutions. The clinic offers excellent patient care and is conveniently located close to Maurya Talkies in Supela.


One of the top fertility clinics in the nation, Aveta IVF Patna offers our prestigious patients top-notch fertility treatments. Our clinic is delighted to have introduced cutting-edge technical equipment and is founded on evidence-based treatment and openness in all interactions. We offer the greatest support and direction necessary because we recognise that this is a trying moment for a relationship. Our kind staff extends a warm welcome to you and attends to your smallest needs.  


IVF: This is the procedure for freezing and storing semen samples so that you and your spouse can utilise them in the future to conceive. IVF is a difficult procedure with five fundamental steps: Instead of the solitary egg that a woman typically releases after ovulation, superovulation encourages the release of several healthy eggs.Sperm and eggs are collected.fertilisation of the eggs by the sperm during insemination.Development of embryos and genetic testing (if needed).transfer of an embryo into a woman's womb.

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The Srijjan Bhilai Test Tube Baby Center