Periods are indeed different for various people, but we’re probably all in agreement that at times, they can be uncomfortable, inconstant, and annoyingly inconsistent. In addition, an infrequent period disrupts your entire week, but when your period is at a regular time is typically accompanied by its companions, moodiness, cramps, depression, and other PMS-related adverse effects that you might be unable to handle in a busy week. Because of all these reasons, I’m sure that you’ve thought you had known how to make your period come faster by a million times. Sure menstrual cycles are an integral aspect of a woman’s life and it’s not always a good thing. It can make you feel incredibly at ease with the cycles of your body and fertility. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to feel as if this huge aspect of our bodies, as well as our lives, is completely beyond our control.

However, there are methods to be more in control of the time your period occurs, even if you’re on hormone birth control. Although our cycles are specific for our body, they do react to external influences and some of them could cause the start of your period earlier. This is a response that we all experience at times for instance if we need to manage the PMS ahead of an important presentation on the job, or we’re about to take a holiday and want to make sure we don’t end up spending the entire vacation in our hotel room suffering from cramps. If you’re looking to stay away from pregnancy and How to get periods immediately. Here are some helpful tips about how to induce period that will help you solve your problem.

How to Get Your First Period Faster?

Do many women ask questions such as how can I get my period faster? Here is a list of examples of the most effective ways for how to speed up your period:

Naturally Ways for how to Accelerate Your Period?

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are believed to provide the greatest home remedy to treat irregular periods due to their effects as an emmenagogue.


Cook a teaspoon of turmeric in the water in a glass and drink it twice each day to experience your periods stimulated, possibly 10 days before your planned date.


Dates have been known to create warmth in the body. Consume dates throughout the day long, in a controlled amount to trigger periods before when the date is due.

How to Get Your Period Overnight?

If you want to know how to make period come faster? Then follow below mentioned methods to solve your problem.

Vitamin C to A Speedier Period

It is believed that Vitamin C can help the production of estrogen. Estrogen thickens the lining of the uterus and causes the uterus to contract, which helps to trigger periods. Also, the hormone “deprives your uterus of progesterone, and is what causes the lining of the uterus to shed”.

It’s easy to achieve this by taking vitamin supplements or by adding additional fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C to your daily diet. Grapefruit, oranges, papaya, and broccoli, as well as green bell peppers, and papaya are some of the many good food sources for Vitamin C.

Do Exercise

They’re good to improve general health, and the less painful menstrual cycles as well as for improving blood circulation, more intense exercise could “call” the time of your menstrual cycle a bit earlier. Be careful not to overdo it as you could get opposite results.

Relax in a hot tub

There is no evidence for the efficacy of a hot bath to induce menstrual flow, however, many women see it to be effective because it reduces anxiety. It could be because the hot water relaxes your body, which reduces emotional and physical stress at the same time. You should take a nice warm, relaxing bath anytime you’re hoping that your period is more swiftly.


Sexual activity can cause your period in many ways. An orgasm may cause your cervical cervix to expand. It creates an air vacuum, which can draw menstrual fluid down. This is the case with orgasms caused by non-penetrative or penetrative sexual activities. Regular sex can help lessen the negative effects of stress as well as help to maintain a healthy hormone balance.

Cinnamon Tea for Accelerate

Cinnamon will not force your period to begin in a matter of hours, but it’s an herbal menstrual powerhouse. Cinnamon is a natural antispasmodic ingredient that can help reduce cramps and pain during menstrual cycles.

Additionally cinnamon acts as a vasodilator, increasing the flow of blood in the uterine region which aids in regulating menstrual irregularities and triggering menstrual flow in women who experience irregular menstrual cycles. Cinnamon may also aid in the process of causing labor!

Reduce Your Stress

Stress may be the reason for a delayed and/or missed menstrual cycle. If we are stressed, we can create hormones like adrenaline or cortical.

They can block the production of hormones progesterone and estrogen that are crucial for maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

The best way to combat stress is to relax. There are a variety of methods to reduce stress and encourage relaxation and the best method for you will differ for each individual. Some suggestions are:

  • Reducing workload
  • Having fun with family and friends
  • Exercising
  • Engaging in an enjoyable hobby
  • Using techniques for mindfulness and meditation


If you’re concerned about how to make your period end faster? Follow the above strategies and suggestions that will help greatly. Many people swear by alternative methods too, even though there’s not enough evidence to establish whether or not they work. It is important to consult your doctor about any concerns or questions regarding getting a menstrual cycle.

There are many methods you can use to delay a period until it begins, for instance taking birth control pills regularly. But, consult your doctor before altering your contraceptive or introducing new medications or supplements. Don’t panic, about how can I push my period out faster, you should consult with a Gynecologist for your concern.

Here are some tips to get your first period faster. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and these may not work for you, but it never hurts to try! If they don’t pan out be sure to talk with your doctor about what might help make the process go more smoothly or just keep track of when you’re supposed to start so it doesn’t come as a surprise. Remember if there is ever anything that makes you uncomfortable please reach out anytime- we’re here for any questions or concerns! Good luck on getting started soon!