What is the Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy?

What is the Natural Ways to Avoid Pregnancy?

December 15, 2021
A lot of couples wish to have children, but only after proper planning. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, a lot of women take contraceptives, which can have negative effects on the body over the long term. There are a variety of home remedies that could assist you in preventing pregnancy. Of course, there is no way … Continued

A lot of couples wish to have children, but only after proper planning. To avoid unwanted pregnancy, a lot of women take contraceptives, which can have negative effects on the body over the long term. There are a variety of home remedies that could assist you in preventing pregnancy. Of course, there is no way to guarantee that any of these strategies can be 100% effective. They’re all just precautionary. Therefore, it’s recommended to use safe sex in as many ways as you can! If you’re interested in knowing how to avoid pregnancy naturally, here are many ways to go about it.

How to Avoid Pregnancy after Sex – Naturally

There are a variety of methods on how to prevent pregnancy that work hand-in-hand with the human body as well as medical science. Find out a many ways here How to do Sex and not Get Pregnant, Some of them are:

This technique adds an additional layer of security if you already have some form of protection. It is possible to avoid the days of ovulation, which generally occur two weeks before the time of your period. The best method is to talk with expert infertility to monitor the days of ovulation and schedule your period according to.

Male and Female Sterilization


Sterilization requires surgery to stop pregnancy permanently. This is a vasectomy procedure for males, and tubal ligation, or occlusion, for females.

Barrier Techniques

These are used whenever you have sexual relations and can include condoms, sponges, diaphragms, as well as cervical caps.


Withdrawal is a method for preventing birth in which the penis is removed from the vagina before ejaculation. If you use withdrawal as the sole option for birth control the chance of becoming pregnant is 22 out of 100.

Basal Body Temperature

Basal Body Temperature is based on taking a woman’s temperature in the morning. Since a woman’s temperature decreases approximately 1 deg for 12 to 24 hours before when her ovary sheds eggs, this suggests an era of high fertility. It is recommended to avoid sexual activity during this period when you’re trying to avoid the possibility of pregnancy. The period is characterized by temperatures dropping for 48 to 72 hours after the return to normal.


Outercourse refers to any kind of sexual entertainment that does not involve sexual contact. This can include kissing, erotic massages, manual stimulation (with hands) masturbation, rubbing against one another or rubbing against each other, oral sex, fantasies anal sex, and/or making use of sexually explicit toys. This method of natural sex might not be completely protected from STDs since there could be skin-to-skin contact or exchanging of body fluids. Dental condoms or dams can reduce the risk of contracting an STD when you engage in these activities.

How to Stop Pregnancy after 1 Week Naturally

Foods that stop pregnancy after one week do not have any scientific evidence to support them however, there are plenty of reports from anecdotes. The pregnant woman is advised to take in fruits such as Papaya and figs, as well as dry fruits such as Apricots for three to four days, and twice per day, following sexual interactions with their partner.

How to Stop Pregnancy after 2 Weeks Naturally

Blue Cohosh (Papoose Root)

Blue cohosh root stimulates both compounds called saponin and oxytocin, which help in causing uterine contractions, reducing the chance of having a baby.

Apart from preventing pregnancy, the herb can induce abortion that you did not take precautions while having an affair.


Wild carrot seeds are an effective contraceptive herb when consumed orally right after sexual contact. The seeds contain more potent antifertility drugs that decrease the chance of becoming pregnant.

Wild carrots create a slippery effect on the uterus, causing it to become slippery and eggs cannot be implanted.

Cinnamon (Dalchini)

Cinnamon has been used for many generations to avoid the onset of pregnancy. Cinnamon can trigger menstrual cramps in the uterus and menstrual flow is a reality. But, it doesn’t offer immediate results. Instead, it is recommended to take it for a longer period.

Dried Figs (Anjeer)

Utilizing dried figs to prevent contraception has been practiced since the beginning of time. It also aids in increasing the flow of blood throughout your body. Be careful not to consume anjeer in large amounts that could cause stomach upset.

Ginger (Adrakh)

Ginger has been used for ages as a natural method to control births. Ginger assists in increasing the body’s temperature. This results in an improvement in contractions of the uterus muscles that help to start the menstrual cycle early.

What Are the Best Fruits for Preventing Pregnancy? How to Avoid Getting Pregnant if You Missed Your Period Naturally?


Papaya (Papita)

Progesterone is a hormone for reproduction responsible for protecting the uterus from pregnancy. The papain-like enzyme in the papaya fruit reduces progesterone. Thus, eating papaya regularly on a daily schedule can help will help prevent pregnancy naturally.

Papaya that isn’t ripe could also trigger an abortion if is consumed for three or four days following the first sexual encounter.

Pineapple (Anaanaas)

Pineapple is generally not advised for women who are pregnant. Consuming pineapple could cause miscarriage.

An enzyme is known as brome lain in the fruit that can break down proteins in the body. This can lead to irregular bleeding. Ripe, unripe fruit can cause the uterus to contract, resulting in menstrual flow.


Vitamin C contains the capacity to block the hormone reproductive progesterone (the most important hormone used for maintaining pregnancy). This suppression could aid in the process of birth control.

Consuming Vitamin C-rich foods on an ongoing basis could be a natural contraceptive technique in the event that you are not protected by sex.

Juniper Berries (Kala Jamun)

Juniper berries are also added to the list of treatments that are believed to assist in the prevention of the onset of pregnancy. It is possible to enjoy the fruit when it’s in the season however; in no way is this safe contraceptive technique.

Parsley (Ajamod)

Parsley is widely thought to be an effective natural remedy for preventing pregnancy. But, no research has proved that it’s an herb that is mild.


Another folk story suggests injecting neem oil in the uterus to kill male sperm or taking tablets of neem to increase sterility temporarily in males. There isn’t any evidence that proves these methods can work.

The Final Word

There are numerous contraceptive alternatives how to avoid pregnancy after missing period naturally? From barriers to hormonal patches, pills, and IUDs. Different methods can work for different individuals. A person can test a variety of options before figuring out the contraceptive methods that are effective for them.

Contraception methods differ in regards to their effectiveness. Sexually active individuals must consult their physician regarding the options available; to determine the one that works best for them. Consult your doctor to be aware of the best way to protect yourself from sex without getting pregnant for you.

We have provided you with information about natural ways to avoid pregnancy. If any of these methods seem promising, please consult your doctor before proceeding. It is important that you feel confident in the decisions that you make regarding family planning and fertility awareness. Feel free to contact us for more information or if there are other questions we can answer on this topic!